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Outdoor Solar Lights: The Ideal Choice for Tasteful Outdoor Décor

Choosing "the best" outdoor solar lights is really a matter of individual style. You may want to feature lights that are decorative, traditional, modern or even fanciful. Solar lights are great for decks, patios, pools, walkways, driveways and gardens. Whatever your preference for a solar lights, it is not going to be difficult to find a type that you will like for years to come.

Solar Lights Explained

A solar light houses a solar panel that collects energy from the sun and then converts it into power for the operation of the light. A nickel metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable battery stores the energy. The battery is turned on and off by a sensor allowing it to come on automatically at dusk and extinguishing at dawn. An LED lamp emits the light.

How long the light last throughout the night depends on the size of the solar panel and battery. Usually solar lights will work for about 10 hours with a fully charged battery. The brightness of an LED lamp is comparable to a 2-watt bulb. It takes 12 volts of electricity to power a low voltage landscape light.
Solar rechargeable batteries last approximately 1,000 nights and are easily replaced when they stop charging.

Path, Garden and Driveway Solar Lights

Set of 2 Solar Lanterns - Create a charming welcome along walkways and flower beds with solar lanterns. The LED stays lit for up to 8 ½ hours. Choose either soft amber or bright white light by pushing a button on the lantern. Set includes two 17-inch shepherd's hooks for hanging the lanterns or you can stake them in the ground.

Solar Lights - Low profile, staked solar lights come in a stainless steel or copper finish. The lights lend a contemporary look to your driveway or walking path. A top solar panel gathers the light during the day allowing it to stay on for 12 hours at night. Lamp maintains a bright LED white light. Solar lights have an 11-½ inch post that sits on a 5-inch stake.

Solar Color Changing Lights - Add some color to the night. Place the solar lights around a pool to give it a magical appearance. The constantly changing colors are yellow, green, blue and red. One AAA rechargeable battery is included with the light.

Solar Driveway Light - Mark the end of your driveway with the sleek solar driveway light. Constructed from stainless steel and plastic, the durable fixture will stay lit for up to eight hours.

House Solar Lights

3 Way Solar House Light - Versatility makes the 3 Way Solar House Light an economical choice. Classic, square shape will go with any kind of house. Secure the light to the outside of the house, stand it on a fence post or keep it on the ground for pathway lighting. Wall mount, base and stake are all available with the light.

Cordless Flood Solar Light - You are free to stake the flood light anywhere in your yard without cumbersome cords or the need for electrical wiring. All you have to do is stake it in the ground. Position the solar light to shine on decorations, garden features or house address. The floodlight gives you 12 hours of light.

Mini Solar Spot Light - The spotlight is perfect for those nights when you get home late. Use it to illuminate your house number, mailbox, or keyhole. The light continues all night until the morning.

Attach the light fixture with screws or double-sided tape.

Fun Solar Lighting

Solar Glow In The Dark Garden Lights - Delight passersby with beautiful garden lights that emit a green glow. Globes have a unique swirl pattern made from artist rendered glass. The design is meant to resemble the spinning earth. Lights come in a set of three and are connected to a solar panel by a 10-foot cord. Stake the luminous solar lights in flowerbeds.

Solar Animated Flower Lights - Surprise visitors with these flower lights. The flower petals remain open all day so the solar panel in the center can capture the sun's energy. At night, the flower closes and beams with light. The waterproof lights are packaged in a set of two.

Solar Tiki Torch - Give your backyard island flair with the solar tiki torch. The torch harmlessly burns with solar light. Light comes with mounting hardware.

Solar Lighted Toad and Turtle - Pay homage to our natural friends by placing a lighted toad or turtle around your landscape. No, they are not radioactive. They radiate with a soft low light from sitting in the sun all day.

It's the energy efficiency, helpful lighting and atmospheric illumination that make outdoor solar lights a common sight in many beautiful properties.


Some Of The Many Reasons You Should Consider Owning A Battery Free Watch

There are many watches out there and everyone has a style that they consider to be their favorite. Some people like flashy watches that have faces surrounded in diamonds, while other choose watches with plain faces that just show the time and date. There are watches that keep track of international time and watches that you can wear underwater without worrying about any damage being done to the time piece. Ways to tell time have been around for centuries. There are still sundials available that you can place in your yard to keep track of time.

There's a whole new generation of watches being offered and they do not require batteries or winding. Two such watches are the Citizen Eco Drive that uses solar energy to run and the Kinetic line of watches that are manufactured by Seiko. It should be no surprise that the two biggest names in watches should create an entire new time keeping technology.

Citizen's solar powered watches, such as the Eco-Drive will never have to have the battery replaced. The line doesn't just run from solar power. Any light source will do. They also have watches that are suitable for diving and aviation and they come in fashionable styles for both men and women. Pulsar attempted to produce watches with solar technology, but they did not have the same quality.

There is also another type of battery free watch put out by Seiko. These are called Kinetic watches. They were introduced during the late 1980s, in Germany. They are now sought after by people all over the world. It will never need batteries because of innovative technology that allows it to be powered by the movement of the wearer. The technology is so advanced that Seiko holds over 50 patents on it.

The watch contains small capacitors that the generator charges. These capacitors can store up to 6 months of power to keep the watch running even if the wearer takes it off. The watch has a pendulum that rotates. The pendulum is connected to a large gear and the gear is meshed with a small pinion. Movement from the wearer causes the pendulum to turn which in turn makes the pinion spin. The high speed that the pinion turns at, actually powers a tiny generator, which in turn charges the capacitors.

The Kinetic watches also offer a feature called the Kinetic Auto Relay. This feature saves power by causing the watch to "sleep", if it doesn't sense movement for over 72 hours. Other features include a perpetual colander that is accurate until 2100.

The next time you're in the market for a new watch, consider one these new innovations. They're stylish, low maintenance and friendly to the environment.


How To Set Up A Safe And Secure Emergency Backup System

Why should we consider a backup solar power system? Not only have we seen how sudden power failures have crippled entire cities, but regions and even entire states. Everyone at one time or another has experienced how an unexpected power failure has interrupted the simplest of daily tasks. Suddenly the power goes out and we realize how much we depend on electricity and don't ever think about it until it's not available. Our society uses electricity to power nearly every aspect of our lives, from heating and cooling to basic communication with our family, friends, and associates. It is becoming ever more imperative that we have backup or reserve power for when the inevitable happens and a backup solar power system can supply this need with continuous and free source of power for as long as we need it.

When there is a sustained period of power loss, expected or unexpected, the most common backup power is supplied by generators or invertors. Commonly, these supply enough power to make things more convenient and a bit more comfortable, but they do not supply enough power to operate all the appliances and devices, or if they do, not for long. Normally these items are sufficient for up to eight hours. You may have to limit the times of operating your backup power to be able to last for the duration of the power failure.

For instance, after a hurricane you know to be prepared for extended power outages. We can expect the power to be out for up to a week, even in minimally damaged areas. If your household is running off a gasoline generator, you will have to have a supply of gasoline on hand to operate the generator. And quite possibly your generator is only powerful enough to operate the bare essentials of your household, such as refrigerator and lights, but not climate control.

There are times when there are deaths that occur due to power failures. Older people accustomed to air conditioning are unable to regulate their body to endure extreme heat. Or those that depend on electricity to operate in home life support systems. These people generally are unable to do the maintenance required to keep a gasoline generator operating during prolonged power outages. Not only that, but people have died from incorrect installation of a generator or carbon monoxide poisoning from improper ventilation or fire.

A backup solar power system could be your answer for a safe, efficient, and unending power supply as long as necessary. As long as the system is installed correctly, it can supply all of your power needs without interruption. Think of the security and convenience of reliable and safe power supply whenever you need it. Backup solar power is the obvious choice for the safest and reliable supply of power when the expected or unexpected power failure occurs. Much safer and little to no maintenance makes a backup solar power system the most reliable and obvious choice for your electricity backup plan.


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